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Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness

Each person’s or family’s path to homelessness is different and everyone has their own story. The reasons may be varied – losing a job, getting sick, suffering from chronic health problems, or working at a low paying job. Sometimes it can just be a run of bad luck coupled with the lack of a social support system. Valley Cities works with government and community agencies to help individuals and families obtain safe, affordable housing, and assist in addressing the circumstances that led to homelessness. Case managers work with Valley Cities clients to find the programs and services that best meet their needs. We work with both recently homeless individuals and those who have been homeless for years to find subsidized housing opportunities in their preferred communities, primarily in South King County.

All Valley Cities housing programs adhere to “Housing First” and progressive engagement models of service, providing ongoing support and advocacy for our housing participants.

Phoenix Rising (PXR) Housing, Café, and Hygiene Center

Located in the city of Auburn, is Valley Cities’ Phoenix Rising; providing permanent supportive housing for young adults ages 18-25 who have found themselves homeless. We offer stable housing, safety, recovery, and mental health services. Phoenix Rising provides 24 single-occupancy units geared for skill-building toward independent living.

Services provided

  • Up to 24 young adults are supported by Valley Cities in their transition from homelessness to a sense of place and community
  • Case management and housing stability plans for each individual
  • Adjacent Resource Room is available offering resident’s computer access for job searching (located at Valley Cities Auburn)
  • Café on site provides two meals a day for the residents at no charge
  • Hygiene Center for Ray of Hope participants
  • Mental health and substance abuse counseling
  • Peer counseling
  • Employment counseling
  • Life skills and improving individual self-sufficiency

Scattered Housing – King County

We work to secure housing for our clients in Valley Cities-owned properties, as well as through managed leases with landlords. Additionally, we also have programs where the client is the lease holder and Valley Cities provides the housing rental subsidy and support services. Case managers have compassionate understanding of each resident’s full behavioral health needs and offer patience and support as they build skills necessary for long-term housing stability.

Services provided

  • New residents learn how to maintain their housing through budgeting and paying rent on time
  • Unit maintenance
  • Landlord communication
  • Lease compliance

Valley Cities Landing

Valley Cities Landing is a 24-unit permanent supportive housing project in Auburn, dedicated to serving individuals with mental illness and a history of homelessness who are unable to stay housed without a wide range of services. 12 of the 24 units are dedicated for veterans who are experiencing homelessness.  Residents of Valley Cities Landing engage in on-site and community-based services that help them live with stability, autonomy, and dignity. Four of the units are ADA units.

Services provided

  • Case management
  • Mental health and substance abuse counseling
  • Peer counseling
  • Employment counseling
  • Life skills and improving individual self-sufficiency.

Other Valley Cities
Housing Programs

  • Coming Up Program (CUP): CUP is a permanent supportive housing program for 22 young adults experiencing homelessness ages 18-25 in South King County.
  • Homeless Services Enhancement: Homeless Services Enhancement provides 20 units of permanent supportive housing for single adults and families who are experiencing homelessness.
  • Shelter Plus Care: Shelter Plus Care combines mental health services with permanent supportive housing for 33 Valley Cities clients who, upon entry, identify as “homeless.”
  • Standard Supportive Housing: This program is a partnership between Valley Cities and King County. It provides supportive housing for 15 individuals who are referred from the county, Western State Hospital, other inpatient psychiatric hospitals, and area shelters. Participants receive support seven days a week.
  • Pathways First: Pathways First is a permanent supportive housing program providing services to 14 families with complex health and behavioral problems, combined with significant barriers to housing.

For more information on supporting Housing, Contact

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