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COVID-19 Emergency Fund

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, our staff have provided essential services in 11 of our 12 outpatient clinics and both of our inpatient facilities. To our frontline staff a BIG THANK YOU

You have put your lives at risk, and we appreciate this effort. Each staff member is my hero.” – Shekh Ali, Valley Cities CEO/CFO

We are honored by the dedication and commitment of our entire team, both on the frontline and the staff in our offices and working from home. These are extraordinary and unprecedented times, where teamwork is a critical part of our successful ability to serve our clients.    

Services provided in response to COVID-19

For our clients

  • Immediately prioritized moving from mostly in-person appointments to Telehealth services 
  • Continued providing in-person appointments, so long as the clients are pre-screened. 
  • Phoenix Rising Housing Café, subsidizing shortfall in regard to food and hygiene supplies 
  • Increased call volume to those in need of services 
  • Posted client-centered COVID-19 updates on our website regularly 

For our staff, service providers, volunteers, and everyone in between

  • Implemented Telehealth; including adding laptops as funding has allowed.  
  • Approved a new purchasing agreement for computer hardware; including laptops with cameras, microphones, and Microsoft licenses to allow for maximum service flexibility  
  • Implemented Microsoft Teams for improved file sharing and telehealth video conferencing 
  • Installing plexiglass partitions at all front desks  
  • Increased cleaning protocols; additional cleaning supplies and frequency 
  • Providing facemasks as well as purchasing face shields and gowns 
  • Reassigned schoolbased staff to support clinics while schools are closed

For receipts or gift processing: Development@valleycities.org