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School Based Prevention & Treatment

Valley Cities has partnered with the Kent, Auburn, and Federal Way School Districts to offer counseling and behavioral health services within the schools. Our clinicians provide support and tools to foster emotional wellness with students who are enrolled and connected with our services. Our common goal is to maximize the student’s success in all aspects of life, including academics, behavior, and home life.

We serve every student who has need, regardless of their insurance coverage or ability to pay. Our team utilizes Medicaid or insurance billing where possible, as well as school district funds and grant funding to pay for services for students who would not otherwise have coverage. When appropriate, clients are referred to our clinics or private therapists for long-term or intensive services.

Services provided

  • In-school counseling
  • In-school behavioral health services
  • Referrals

Prevention Work in Schools

The Prevention and Community Support Program has provided youth and family support programming in Federal Way through local grant funding for more than 30 years. Over time the scope of our work has shifted to meet the changing needs of our community and program participants. Currently, our primary focus is on providing trauma-informed social and emotional learning groups for youth in middle school and high school. As a community-based provider specializing in prevention programs for young people, we take an anti-oppression, social justice oriented, intersectional approach to program offerings to ensure marginalized participants across the identity spectrum receive equitable and meaningful support services. Our school-based programs prioritize serving our most vulnerable youth including those who identify as LGBTQ+, youth of color, youth in foster care, youth with mental health concerns, youth involved with the juvenile justice system, youth with disabilities, and undocumented youth. Program staff are committed to creating safe spaces for youth to come together in solidarity to address past and present harm, and provide them with valuable tools and coping strategies to aid in their healing process, both individually and as a collective. This has allowed us to successfully serve youth of all gender identities and ethnic backgrounds, and schools continue to use it as an opportunity to provide critical social emotional learning support to scholars in a safe, supportive, and inclusive space. There is no cost for youth to participate in this programming. Referrals come through school counselors and youth self-referrals.

Services provided

  • Youth and family support
  • Trauma-informed social and emotional learning groups
  • Support for youth
    • LGBTQ+ youth
    • Youth of color
    • Youth in foster care
    • Youth in the juvenile detention system
    • Youth who are disabled
    • Undocumented youth
  • Inclusive, social justice-based, intersectional offerings
  • Referrals

For more information on supporting School Based Program, Contact Sarah Boye, Director of Specialty Services

Email: sboye@valleycities.org
Phone: 253-335-3820

Or for receipts or gift processing: Development@valleycities.org