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Wraparound / WISe

Wraparound is not a type of service or family therapy.  It is a process based on the idea that services should be tailored to meet the needs of children and their families. With it comes a commitment to create services and supports one family at a time with community-based options to support children and youth with complex needs.

Professionals and others close to the family work as a team to support the family, and each other, to work toward common goals.  A Wraparound facilitator works with the team to discover the strengths, set goals, determine major needs, and develop strengths-based options to meet those needs. Our Parent Partners and Youth Peers share their lived experience to instill hope in families and serve as an advocate when navigating complex systems.

In the process, the youth, the family, and other people they select, are part of the team. Together, the team develops a care plan to support the child and the family. The plan is built around the child’s and family’s strengths and needs and becomes the family’s plan of care.

The Wraparound team continues to meet on a regular basis to measure progress and address barriers to meeting needs. Families transition out of the program when they feel they have met their goals and have supports in place for long-term success.


Wraparound with Intensive Services (WISe) was born from the need to serve young people with mental and behavioral health challenges in their homes and communities. “When other strategies haven’t worked, it’s time to try WISe.” WISe takes the Wraparound Planning model and adds specialized intensive treatment to meet the behavioral health needs of youth. WISe is available to qualifying youth with Medicaid insurance.

Family Treatment Court Wraparound

Our Family Treatment Court Wraparound program modifies the traditional Wraparound model to serve parents who are participating in King County’s Family Treatment Court, an alternative to the traditional dependency court process. Our Facilitator works to ensure that the parents’ needs are met by inviting all identified professional and natural supports to the planning table and developing a care plan based on the parents’ needs and goals, amplifying their voice in the court process.

Services provided to all of our Wraparound/WISe clients

  • Family- and youth-driven planning process coordinated by Valley Cities staff, used to create a strength-based care plan based around identified needs and goals.
  • Individualized safety and treatment planning, with a focus on culturally-relevant resources available to families within their community.
  • This streamlined, team-based planning approach consolidates the number of meetings for our client while improving communication among the various service providers.

For more information on supporting Wraparound / WISe, Contact

Sarah Boye, Director of Specialty Programs
Email: sboye@valleycities.org
Phone: 253-335-3820

Or for receipts or gift processing: Development@valleycities.org